The History of K.B.I. (Europe)

Karate Budokan International was first introduced in Wales in 1974 by Shihan Mike Tan from Karate Budokan Malaysia (KBM), where Shihan Mike Tan trained under Grandmaster Chew Choo Soot and attained his Shodan (first dan black belt) at the age of 16. He soon established karate clubs in Malaysia, two of which continue to this day. After coming to the UK, he established numerous dojos in the South Wales area, and spread the art of Budokan

To-date Sensei Mike Tan has produced over forty junior and senior black belts of a high standard with students winning gold medals at national and international open championships. Shihan Mike Tan organised numerous successful Open Karate Championship in Cardiff, attracting KBI competitors from as far as India, Norway, Sri Lanka, Sweden and Malaysia. Sensei Mike Tan was chief referee at the KBI Norwegian Open Karate Championship held at the University of Bergen. Shihan Mike Tan has gained Welsh, British and European refereeing qualifications and has represented Wales, officiating in European Karate Championships (EKU) on numerous occasions.

Following the passing of Grandmaster Chew Choo Soot his 2nd son Richard Chew succeeded him as Grandmaster. Grandmaster Richard Chew is based in Sydney, Australia, he was Australian Kumite and Kata champion for many years and has trained Wayne MacDonald (now World Chief Instructor), who is 5 times all style Australia Champion. Grandmaster Richard and Wayne MacDonald have represented Australia for a number of years. Grandmaster Richard Chew travelled around the world and has visited Wales on several occasions most recently in February 2011. He conducted seminars for KBI members and invited karate associations from other styles and graded several black belt members most notably awarding Shihan Mike Tan his Nanadan (7th Dan) grade. Membership to join KBI is open to karate association or club which is of a good standards and would like to further the traditional art of karate.